Last Of Us 2 – Employee Of The Month Clue Breakdown

Last Of Us 2

In Last Of Us 2, there should be a puzzle or riddle in an action-adventure game similar to its predecessor. Well, the devs do not disappoint us gamers and the very first puzzle or riddle we will ever encounter will be in the first Patrol Mission in the form of Employee of the Month. In this guide or post, we will explain and reveal all the information we have or we can deduce in this clue.

Employee Of The Month Clue Breakdown In Last Of Us 2

As soon as you enter the supermarket and wear the mask, you will have to move forward until you squeeze yourself in between the crack wall to move ahead. There the very first door which you will unlock is the location of a safe. The safe can only be unlocked by obtaining the combination which we have no idea what it can be.

Search the room, where you will notice a note or a clue on a table saying,

“Yo Kristen- left the real shit in the safe for you. Combo is the date my good boy got Employee of the Month. Don’t fucking sell those or give them away. That’s for your back, alright? Feel better — Mina”.

We do not know the date or combo till now but, if you walk back outside to the wall crack from where you just squeezed yourself into, you will find all the Employees of the Month that are listed but now you have to pick one. Which one? Well, the answer is July 2013 because the Good Boy which Mina is talking about matches the image i.e. inside the photo frame where you obtained the note.

Now, now, he is indeed a good boy but now this solution can be written as 07/2013 which can be used as a combination for your first safe. If you are up for more informative guide on Last Of Us 2, click the following link that has been mentioned below the description: