Total War Troy Epic Games Free Copy Release Date

Total War Troy

Total War Troy is a game based on the ancient war that occurred in the Bronze Age between the army of Troy and Mycenaean Greece which is popularly known as the Trojan War. The war tactics and the charisma of all 8 featured heroes along with special abilities, weapons, and units assigned make the real-time strategy based battles most unique and interestingly similar to Total War Saga.

Free Copy Release Date Of Total War Troy

If you are looking to play and possess a copy of the game as early as possible then you have limited time to do so as the game will launch early on Epic Games and can be owned for free. The game is supposed to be released on 13th August 2020 and once can own a free copy of this epic saga in the first 24-hour mark.

The Studio and Devs realize that it is a perfect opportunity to increase their audiences and approach from any possible angles to attract all new players. If you are still waiting to own Total War Troy on Steam then you will have to wait till the Summer of 2021 as the pre-purchase aren’t live yet. Although it is exclusive for now and available only on Epic Games but it will gradually be released on different platforms as the devs intend to implement cross-platform which is mentioned in the official site.

Influence Of Gods And Myth

The battlefield will follow all the strategic and Myth versus Legend approach where there will be mythical creatures closed to their truest form of human rather than a wild beast that cannot be controlled or untamed. Even God’s blessing plays an important role when the story develops slowly which grants critical advantages and bonuses in battle or diplomat relations.

You can even decide to pray and worship multiple gods for their blessing which might begin to increase stress on players and their troops as they would require constant attention for them to have remained pleased and shower blessings upon you and your troops. There are other possibilities where you might neglect Gods and focus on Strats and development but it will result in chaos when the wrath of God will be upon you as ill omens and unfavorable incidents at any given time.

This game is supposed to be one of the best strategic real-time battle simulation released in 2020. Do not miss this chance to obtain a free copy as we have mentioned earlier on this post, it is only limited to 24 hours window gap on 13th August 2020. Check your Epic Games Store or if you don’t have one, register yourself to experience the legendary battle on your screen.