Sea Of Thieves- Tall Tales Shroudbreaker Guide Or Walkthrough

In Sea Of Thieves where exquisite islands and endless possibilities of treasures are present, they all have major tales such as Tall Tales that can be found in the Outposts or in your Map Table marked to reveal the story and collect the artifacts and treasures. These Tall Tales can be initiated whenever they are available in the Outpost or islands which are marked in the Map. The Shroudbreaker is one of the Tall Tales where you need to recover an artifact that is lost due to sudden ambush. In this guide, we have lined up everything you need to do in order to complete the Shroudbreaker easily and fast.

Tall Tales Shroudbreaker Guide Or Walkthrough For Sea Of Thieves

Magpie’s Wing

After the Mysterious Stranger talks about the Tale of Shroudbreaker and the first task will be to find the Magpie’s Wing. On the last page of the Journal, it indicates that the Magpie’s Wing is located between Crook’s Hollow and Crooked Masts i.e. N14 on your map.

Once you reach the location you will need to dive in the water near a small island in order to find the shipwreck where the Magpie’s Wing is located in order to update the Journal or Tall Tale. The updated page will show you the log and the incident that happened in the past when they were ambushed.


Next, we are locating a Totem which will also be found dumped in the water as mentioned in Magpie’s Wing log book. You can open the map and follow the ship’s trail as mentioned in the log or else go straight to the “Cutlass Cay” as Fortified Island is “The Crow’s Nest Fortress”. Remember the Ancient Chest which you are looking for is dumped in the water, so you will need to dive down in order to locate the chest towards South-West from the island. The island “Cutlass Cay” might not be the case for some pirates, as the location of the chest might change. So head West from the Fortress to the first island you encounter. In my case, it was “Cutlass Cay”.

Are These Island?

The final part of the Shroudbreaker might be long as you will need to place the Scarab Totem first inside the cave on an island of “Crook’s Hollow”. In the bottom part of the cave, you will find a Scarab mark just as the journal engraved on the cave stone as shown in the image below near a small waterfall.

Sea Of Thieves

Once you have opened the secret dungeon, you will need to solve the puzzle as shown in the journal. Starting from top hit the combination 1 and hit the solution, then 2 and 3. Once the combination is completed the grave or tomb will open which will show the picture or clue where the 3 Vault Medallion is placed.

3 Vault Medallion

First Vault Medallion will be placed near to where Totem was placed to open the secret lair. Near to it, you will find a stone with a Scarab mark engraved just as shown in the clue. Dig it with the help of a shovel as shown in the image below to find your first Vault Medallion. After placing the first Vault Medallion, the second clue will appear.

Sea Of Thieves

Second Vault Medallion will be located on the right side of the waterfall opposite to the cooking pan. Dig the part as shown in the image or clue. The image provided below can be also used as a reference to find the location to dig off the second vault medallion.

Sea Of Thieves

The Third Medallion will be located in the top part of the cave. You will need to find a long stone statue that has a face as shown in the clue where you placed the medallion. The image has been provided below where you will find the third and final medallion. Once you have placed all the Medallion, a secret chamber will unlock where Shroudbreaker was placed. Take it and leave to the near outpost to give Mysterious Stranger the “Shroudbreaker” which will bring the Tale to end.

Sea Of Thieves

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