Sea Of Thieves- Fate Of The Morning Star Tall Tales Key Guide

In Sea Of Thieves, one of the popular and fun Tall Tales must be the Fate Of The Morning Star. To begin or initiate the Tale, you will need to die and spawn in Ferry of The Damned. On the wheel where the Ferryman is guiding the lost soul through his ship, you will find a Tall Tale on his left-hand side of the table. Once you begin the Tale, the Ferryman will speak about it for a bit and now it’s time to return back to the world of the living and start the Tale. In this guide, we have broken down all the important actions you need to perform in order to complete it as fast as possible.

Fate Of The Morning Star Tall Tale Guide For Sea Of Thieves

Enchanted Lantern

As per the Journal or Tale Book in Sea Of Thieves, you will need to navigate and travel all the way to Kraken’s Fall or wherever the Sloop was drowned in other’s case Marauder’s Arch. There, the first thing you need to do is go to the highest point of an island and dig in front of the tree. The first thing you will find will be a Sarcophagus or a coffin which contains an Enchanted Lantern that the Ferryman was too proud of.

Once you have the Enchanted Lantern you can equip and use it in order to reveal what happened in the past following the steps and action of Ghosts. While following the trails, remember it may seem to vanish but keep on moving forward where the trails will continue. The same thing must have occurred during the “Seabound Soul” Tall Tale when you are following the trail of 4 Skeletons lifting the coffin. Apparently there are 2 islands depending on where the Journal says, either way, it may be on the Northside of the beach in Kraken’s Fall or at Southside of the beach in Old Faithful Isle.

Note: Remember the island may be different but the riddle-solving mechanic will be the same.

Old Faithful Isle

If you have Old Faithful Isle island mentioned in your Journal, then head to the Southside of the beach and hold the Enchanted Lantern in order to reveal what happened in the past. The small rowing boat will be visible and few Skeleton’s as well a Captain Skeleton can be seen. Follow the small Skeleton and move across where they are facing.

Following the Skeleton, you will come across a campfire where the three Captains i.e. Dinger, Fontaine, and Slate were chilling until they are ambushed. You will notice from there are three different pairs of footsteps originating from the campfire moving towards different locations. They run towards same path until one diverts toward the East and the other two follow the same path towards West until they divert too.

Captain Dinger

Follow the two pairs of trails towards West until they divert, move forward to the cliff of the mountain where you will notice that the Captain had nowhere to go, and ultimately he was pushed down to Death. You will also need to jump or slide off the cliff carefully in order to minimize the fall damage. There you will be able to notice a Skeleton holding a Key and a Chest.

Follow these two different trails, one will lead you to the key and another one will lead you to the chest. The trails where you divert will follow the course, one to the top and another to the bottom. We would recommend following the downward trail, as it will lead you to the Chest. Once you find the Skeleton chest you can go locate the Key.

Sea Of Thieves

To locate the Key move forward to the top of the cliff following the trail, you will notice that the  Skeleton, uses his cannon to fire off the key somewhere in the Ocean as shown in the image above. You will need to align the Cannon as it was in the past and shoot off yourself to drop down in the ocean near Skeleton Key. Once you find the key, move to where the chest was, and release Captain Dinger’s soul.

Captain Fontaine

The first one to divert from the pack towards East will be Captain Fontaine, follow the trail until it ends at a cliff. Drop down from the cliff from where you will notice the trail continues. The trail will go on till you reach the battlefield and move forward to the top where the trail leads you out of the wooden stronghold entrance/exit. You will notice the corpse of Captain from where you need to follow the trail that leads down.

Sea Of Thieves

You will notice the path diverts, follow the chest trail and dig Skeleton Chest first as is quite near. After digging up the chest follow the trail for Skeleton Key, you will notice that it will end abruptly out of nowhere near the campfire. Look behind the campfire, you will find a lever which will slowly lower the cage which holds the Skeleton Key as shown in the image above. Now, you have everything in order to release the Soul of Captain Fontaine.

Captain Eli Slate

The last location you must remember, where Captain Dinger was thrown from the cliff and the pair of trails which diverted at top and turned left or Southside. You can now follow the trail till you reach a wooden stronghold entrance, the trail will be lost but move straight forward after entering the wooden entrance and ultimately, you will find the trail in the sand moving left.

Follow the trail where you will see major battle or last struggle which was held in the past. Beside the corpse of Eli, you will notice a map with an X mark on the spot. The X mark is where the Skeleton Chest is buried which might will not be far from the corpse. Near the corpse, you will notice a wooden entrance or exit, move out from there and stick to the right side of the rock holding your Enchanted Lantern.

Sea Of Thieves

Now, you will need a Key which you can find simply following the Trail of a Skeleton who will go to the edge of the cliff and throw it down as shown in the image above. Jump down to collect the Skeleton Key and open the Skeleton Key in order to release Captain Eli Slate’s soul.

Visit Ferry Of The Damned

Once you have released all the Captain’s soul in Sea Of Thieves, visit Ferry Of The Damned where all the Captains will be waiting for you. From now, you can take as Revenge Of Morning Star Tall Tales will be unlocked.

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