Sea Of Thieves How To Repair Ship, Throw Water Out & Water Barrel Use

Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves is a game released two year ago and has been developed by Rare. In this game, your ship is the most important part of the journey. Because all the things that you have collected will be stored on the ship. If the ship gets destroyed, you will lose all the items that you have collected and the treasure will fall down in the sea.

If something like this happens and you are in a party of 2 or 3. One of the members must gather the
treasure to the nearby island while the other members talk to the mermaid and come back with the new ship. So that at least all the treasure you have collected won’t be lost and you can sell them to gain a reputation.

To do this, you must always remember the island through which your ships are passing or where the ship is destroyed. There are different ways, your ship might get destroyed and it is the job of captain and other crew members to repair it.

Sea Of Thieves How To Repair Ship

In your journey of searching for treasure, you might get attacked from other pirates with cannonballs or your ship might get damaged from the sea rocks. You need to go to the basement of the ship, hold the planks in your hand, and press the interact button to repair the ship.

Most of the things in the ship are repairable such as the sail or the ship wheel which might get destroyed from the storm, volcano, or other ships cannonballs.

Sea Of Thieves Throw Water Out Of Ship

If your ship gets damaged there will be holes in your ship. You need to fill up these holes using plank else the water keeps gushing in and after a while, your ship will be drowned. You need to remove all the waterlogged in your ship by using the bucked. If you are playing on the PC, you need to press Q and equip the bucked. Then go the area where water is logged press the left click to fill up
water in the bucked and throw the water in the sea.

Sea Of Thieves Water Barrel Guide

There will always be a water barrel in the basement of the ship, no matter which size of ship you are sailing. You need to always keep the barrel full of water so that it can come in use later in-game. In this game, your ship may catch fire from other pirates bombs, lighting strikes, or volcano. To extinguish these fire you need to use your bucked, fill up the water from the barrel, and throw it on the fire.