Sea Of Thieves- How To Change And Unlock All The Color Of Lantern

In Sea Of Thieves customizing your ship and character’s Tag to look clean and intimidating against other pirates shows your superiority and experience of being or going to be the next Pirate Lord. Along with Sails, Hull and Cannons, you can customize the color of your Lantern’s Flame as well as Ship’s Lantern Flame. To learn and change the Lantern’s Flame of your ship, you can read this post which explains how you can change and use it as a camouflage.

How To Change And Unlock The Color Of Lantern’s Flame In Sea Of Thieves

Your default flame of Lantern will burn yellow which can be helpful while exploring in the dark and help you to let other Pirates know the location of other Ships. Whereas, few Pirates are not as friendly as you might think. They find an opportunity to pounce on small Ships and plunder the loots if they are better in number and sink you without any mercy.

Whereas there is another Ship that can be distinguished as a Ghost Ship by looking at their Lantern’s vibrant color glowing like a Christmas Tree. As we have already faced against them and know how merciless and dangerous they are in the midst of nowhere. Somehow, you have an option to as well change the color of your Lantern’s Flame.

To change the color of your ship’s Lantern, you will need your Lantern’s color to be changed first. To change your Lantern’s color there is a various condition for different colors but all can be obtained from the same location i.e. Ferry Of The Damned or the ghost ship where you respawn once you are dead. In Ferry Of The Damned, you will need to go to the middle of the Ship where a Flame is lit known as Well Of Fates and by right-clicking your, Lantern to raise and obtain the flame. There are a total of 6 different customization color which can be used on your Ship’s Lantern as shown in the image below by using your Lantern and pressing Right-click in order to Set Lantern Flame.

Sea Of Thieves

Blue Flame: You can obtain it if you die underwater by the mouth of sharks.

Green Flame: You can obtain it if you die from the hands of the Skeleton.

Pink Flame: You can obtain it when you are killed by other players.

Purple Flame: You can obtain it if you die from the hands of Snake venom.

Red Flame: You can obtain it if you are killed by Volcano Rock or burnt by flames from Gunpowder Barrel.

White Flame: You can obtain it if you die from thunderstrike during a storm.

You can use these Flames to change the atmosphere of your Ship and even camouflage as a Ghost Ship to sail with safety. For more guides on Sea Of Thieves, click on the following link that has  been mentioned below the description: