Sea Of Thieves- How To Use Bait Or Worms In Your Fishing Rod

Sea Of Thieves

In Sea Of Thieves, plundering loots on an island or completing Tall Tales is quite a fun but if your crew members are high enough then there is a known disaster that might occur in your ship during the voyage i.e. Food Shortage. You can find fruits in Barrel at the Outpost or during the visit of new islands but you might know till now that they do not respawn. Once it is taken, the Empty Barrel does not fill up by itself. Therefore the only favorable and only option is to Fish using your Fishing Rod. In this guide, we will explain how you can catch Fish with or without using the Bait.

How To Use Bait Or Worms In Your Fishing Rod In Sea Of Thieves

In order to catch Fish using Fishing Rod, you will need to open the Inventory Cycle, by pressing “Q” if you are on PC. Now maneuver to where Fishing Rod is or you can assign a shortcut to equip Fishing Rod instantaneously. Now during Fishing, you will need to wait for the Fish in order to catch random Fish that is available on the shore. Bait makes it easy and increases the chances to catch particular Fish that are mentioned in its descriptions.

To use Bait, you will need to have at least 1 in your Inventory. Once you equip the Fishing Rod, press “Q” while holding the Fishing Rod. You will notice that there will be another button available or assigned for you to use Bait, in this case, it will be “R”. Press “R” and then all the Bait that is present in your Inventory will be present to you as an option to be used.

Fishing is not an easy task as it requires lot of patience, so there is a tip we want to share for all fellow Pirates who are eager to try. Once the Fish grab your hook or Bait, it will go from Left to Right and vice versa. You will need to move your Mouse in the opposite direction in order to stabilize your Fishing Rod until the Fish tires itself out and start pulling in or else the Fish will free himself and wag its Tail to enjoy the Bait.

Well, there will be a time when the Fish tries to free himself by swimming forward. You will need to find the position whether it is on Right or Left to stabilize for a moment and try to Reel in during that moment as the Fish will not take rest. Once the Fishing Rod starts taking stress, move to the other side and move back to its initial position to stabilize your Rod. Make sure when the Rod is stable, pull for an instance as the Rod will take Stress and focus to Stabilize next until you have the Fish in air. Now you will master Fishing like a pro, if you are up for more informative guides on Sea Of Thieves, click the following link that has been mentioned below the description: