Sea Of Thieves- Riddle Guide On How To Solve Order Or Incomplete Note

In Sea Of Thieves, during the adventurous voyage and completing the quests in exchange for an increase in Reputation and Gold coins, you have encountered the Skeleton army in the deserted island during the visit. After defeating them and due to RNG, some of them or the Captain of the Skeleton Army drops down a riddled order note which contains the first sentence as a clue to reveal the blurred part of the note. In this guide, we will explain how to solve order or riddle to complete the note and collect the valuable treasure for more gold.

Riddle Guide On How To Solve Orders Or Incomplete Note In Sea Of Thieves

These Order or Riddled Notes can be found after defeating the Captain of the Skeleton army that can be found in various islands. Whereas this is not the only way to obtain these orders of quest, you can find few barrels floating in the middle of the ocean due to perhaps the ship that has been destroyed during its journey or in a fight. Beside these Barrels, you can notice something sparkling which might catch attention to the fellow crewmates. This shining object will be the order left behind or preserved in order to collect or save the treasure, instead of losing it forever.

Sea Of Thieves

As shown in the image above is one of the Orders or Quest which we found on an island after defeating the captain of a Skeleton army. The clue is given as an island’s name and in this case, the island’s name is Kraken’s Fall. Once you reach the Kraken’s Fall, the further order will be revealed, and by completing these chain of instruction, it will lead you to the final treasure. Similarly, there is multiple order of quest or riddle which you will need to first solve it by reaching its destination.

These Treasure’s are quite valuable and you can earn a lot of gold coins after selling these to the merchant. After getting the Order’s decode it’s island name and use the Map Table in order to travel across and collect the hidden treasure. Remember on an island there can be multiple treasure hidden, so if you have enough space and you are lucky to have to get in hold of Orders that point to the same location, then solve it fast by using a compass, and as the note says you to perform. For more guide on Sea Of Thieves, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description: