Sea Of Thieves How To Invite Friends For Co-op Multiplayer In Steam

Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves which was released on Xbox 2 years ago is now finally available on Steam. It is a
multiplayer best sandbox pirate adventure game.

You can play in a party of four people and explore the vast area for riches, treasures, and lore. You
may also encounter other players during your voyage who will try to steal your treasure.

Do you wish to be a lone pirate or be a captain to rule the sea of thieves? To do so, you need to add
crew members and help each other to increase your reputation which will unlock new items.

Note: You can also invite your friends in-game depending on the ship you are selling. In small ship only 2 members can sail, in medium-size 3 and on the biggest ship 4 members. Press ESC button and go to the crew members. There press 1 to show the list of friends and then invite them.

Sea Of Thieves Co-op Multiplayer Guide Steam

To start a journey with your friends, you need to first select a pirate by entering into the maiden voyage as soon as you start the game. After that, you can leave the session and enter the game again.

This time you will get two option to play which is “Adventure” and “Arena”. Select Adventure, then the boat size and finally choose to keep the crew open or closed. After selecting that you will get an option to invite your friends

Note: Before inviting people to join your crew, make sure they are added in your steam friends list, and in-game you will have to link your Microsoft account. After linking it will show you the number of people in your steam friend list who also have linked to Microsoft account. There you need to follow them and make sure they follow you too. These are the few things you can check out if your
friend is not showing on the invitation list.

Sea Of Thieves Invite Friends In Xbox

The process is the same as in steam, you need to add them as your friends and before the maiden voyage or Adventure, you will get an option to invite them to join the crew.

The game features cross-platform now it has finally been launched in Steam. So if you meet a friendly pirate in the sea who can be a great crew member use the “Make friends” Emote by looking at them and you will get an option to add them as friends for future voyages.