Minecraft Dungeons- Obsidian Pinnacle Secret Rune Location

Minecraft Dungeons

In Minecraft Dungeons, you will need to complete the 10 various levels or stages in any difficulty to unlock the Bonus Secret Level by collecting all 10 Runes hidden throughout the levels in a dungeon. Feeling lost perhaps, well this guide explains all you need to do to unlock the secret route of the dungeon in Obsidian Pinnacle where a Rune is located that can be placed in the church or hall to collect loots and a secret level.

Obsidian Pinnacle Secret Rune Location In Minecraft Dungeons

You might have noticed in your map for an unexplored area that can be explored after beating the game. The part of the map which looks like a library, as books will be kept on the shelf and reading tables are provided. Whereas these Books are not for show, you will have to move your cursor to press the lever as shown in the image below.

Minecraft Dungeons

After Powering the Beacon and defeating the Redstone Golem, you will come inside the castle during a pursuit for ARCH-ILLAGER. You will come across another Redstone Golem and as soon as you defeat him to move forward, you will finally reach the Library section. It is located near the door which leads you out again to the top of the castle.

Once you have collected all 9 Runes excluding the first one which can be found in the camp, place all Runes in the church which will unlock a secret path for loots and new hidden level. For more guide and walkthrough on Minecraft Dungeons, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description: