Dota 2 TI10 Battle Pass Sideshop, Gauntlet Ticket, & Guild Guide

Dota 2Dota 2 is a MOBA game developed by Valve Corporation. There are various ways to earn battle points which are completing the achievement, playing cavern crawl, and taking part in the gauntlet challenges. You can redeem a lot of rewards from the side shop such as new immortal treasures and arcanas. Below you will find all about the sideshop, gauntlet tickets, and guild feature.

Dota 2 How To Play Sideshop

Side shop is the new feature launched in TI10 Battle pass and you need to collect three same heroes to upgrade them. You can check the number of gold you have on the left side of the game screen. You can earn these gold by leveling up your battle pass.

Once you have collected the 3 same type of hero, it will upgrade to 2-Star. You need three 2-Star same kinds of heroes to upgrade them to 3-Star. By collecting 3-Star heroes and selling them in the side shop will earn you maximum gems from which you can redeem rewards.

If you collect all 3-Star Tier-1, and tier-2 heroes, you will also complete the battle pass achievement and will earn some battle points. Check out here how to get blue gems and all the rewards you can collect from the side shop.

Dota 2 Gauntlet Tickets Guide

The gauntlet tickets can also be earned by leveling up your battle pass. These tickets are like battle cup tickets where you will spend one ticket and play the games to win. The catch in the gauntlet mode is you need to win 3 matches to upgrade your tier and win battle points. If you lose 2 matches you will gain nothing and the gauntlet ticket will go to waste.

To play these gauntlet ticket matches, you need to click on play Dota at the bottom right corner of the screen, and from the tab that opens up, select battle gauntlet. There you will see an option to activate the gauntlet ticket. Once you have activated the ticket, you need to select your region and a timer will show you when you can enter the gauntlet matches. Win 3 games before losing 2 to earn battle points. In the higher tier, you will earn more battle points.

Dota 2 Guild Guide

The guild is the latest feature post TI10 battle pass and only a battle pass owner can create a guild. You don’t need to have a battle pass to join a guild. The higher the guild level the more rewards the battle pass owner will get.

Each guild will have a guild level, guild challenge, and contracts. The contracts are completed by individuals which will contribute to the guild level. To complete the guild challenges you need to play in a party of 3 or more with your guild members. Once a guild challenge is completed, you will get a new challenge and will earn side shop coins and guild experience. There is a limit to the number go guild challenges you can get per week and once its over, you need to wait for it to reset.