Dota 2 How To Get Blue Gem From Side shop And Emblem Of Divinity

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a MOBA game developed by Valve Corporation. TI10 battle pass has been released recently and there is a new feature called sideshop which works just like any auto chess game.

Players need to collect heroes using the gold they get from the rewards of TI10 battle pass and upgrade those heroes. The higher the hero tier is, the better rewards you will get while selling them

The rewards from the side shop that you can collect using red gems are:

  • Consumable Bundle – 75 Red Gems
  • Gauntlet Ticket – 100 Red Gems
  • Sets/ Treasure – 200 Red Gems
  • Courier/ Announcer – 500 Red Gems

Rewards you can get from blue gems are:

  • TI10 Immortal Treasure – 1 Blue Gems
  • Trust Of The Benefactor – 2 Blue Gems
  • Random Arcana – 35 Blue Gems

Best Rewards From TI10 Battle Pass

Dota 2 Blue Gems Guide

Blue gems are really hard to get and you need to be extremely lucky to get 3-Star tier 4 and tier-5 heroes. You need to have a lot of battle pass levels to collect the side shop gold for these blue gems.

The rewards of the blue gems make the grind worth the while but to get a random arcana collecting 35 gems might not be possible for low-level battle players. A level 3 Tier-4 hero will grant you 1 Blue Gem and level 3 Tier-5 hero will grant you 3 blue gems upon selling them in sideshop.

Note: There is also an achievement for the TI10 battle pass where you need to collect all level 3 Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and so on to get battle pass points that will level up the battle pass. So I suggest you if you are not planning to invest a lot in the TI10 battle pass, you can try to create level 3 heroes of all tier once to complete the achievement and gain battle points.

Before using the gold in sideshop, I will recommend you join any guild which is of level 2 so that you will unlock an extra slot in your sideshop which will help you in upgrading your heroes. You can keep collecting these gems and can use them once the battle pass is getting over for this year, because who knows you might lucky for that arcana drop.

The best thing about re-rolling in the side shop is that the more you re-roll the better the chance of getting the Emblem Of Divinity which is selling for more than 1300$ in the steam market.