Dota 2 All Best Rewards From TI10 Battle Pass And SideShop

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The release of TI10 Battlepass in Dota 2 was late this year because the International 10 has been
postponed to 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic. Never the less with the late release it comes
with tons of great rewards that players can get their hands on.

Within 24 hours of the release of the battle pass, the prize pool went up to more than 8 Million$. Those who are new to Dota 2 and have joined the game this year, 25% of the money that you spend on the battle pass directly goes to The International Prize Pool.

I would recommend everyone that you can try to get at least 575 level on this year battle pass to collect all the best rewards which are 3 arcana and 2 personas.

Players can buy the battle pass from inside the Dota 2 game or can visit the official battle pass website HERE. There are 3 types of battle pass that you can purchase which are:

  • Only TI10 Battle pass for 9.99$
  • Level 50 TI10 Battle pass for 29.35$
  • Level 100 TI10 Battle pass for 44.99$

TI10 Sideshop Guide, Collect Gems & All the Rewards

Dota 2 TI10 Battle Pass Best Rewards

Everyone knows what is an arcana for the Dota 2 heroes, but the persona has been shown for the first time in the TI9 battle pass for invoker and Axe. The persona completely changes the appearance of the hero like a kid invoker or Axeless Axe.

This year you will get 2 personas of if you manage to reach the battle pass level till 305. These two personas are of hero Pudge in battle pass level 255 and Anti mage 305. The pudge persona is of the Toy butchers, it’s still in coming soon so we don’t much info on it. The second persona turns the hero
Anti-mage gender into the female Anti mage and Dota 2 players all around the globe are loving it.

There are also 3 arcana that you can get your hands on if you manage to reach the battle pass level till 575. The first arcana you will get on level 375, the second arcana on level 445, and the third arcana on level 575. The first arcana is of Wraith King which turns into the one true king and kind of looks like
the old Skeleton king. It also has a second burning red form which you can unlock by killing all the other 100 heroes on the battlefield and collecting their bones.

The second arcana is of Queen of Pain and the third arcana is of Windranger and both of them are still in coming soon as the valve team is working on them. There are tons of new taunts, Custom Ping Wheel, and chat wheels that players can unlock. In battle pass level 200 you can also change the appearance of the towers of Both radiant and dire with the new item called “Declaration Of Divine Shadow”.

The ultra bonus reward of the Immortal Treasure 1 is a Pudge Hook called “The Abscesserator” that looks like a big claw hook enemies can’t escape from. You also get two very rare rewards, golden Nightstalker arms and golden Lifestealer head from the same treasure. The Immortal Treasure 2 and 3 is still locked and will be coming in the upcoming months.