Minecraft Dungeons- Desert Temple Secret Rune Location

Minecraft Dungeons

In Minecraft Dungeons, you will need to complete the 10 various levels or stages in any difficulty to unlock the Bonus Secret Level by collecting all 10 Runes hidden throughout the levels in a dungeon. Feeling lost perhaps, well this guide explains all you need to do to unlock the secret route of the dungeon in Desert Temple where a Rune is located that can be placed in the church or hall to collect loots and a secret level.

Desert Temple Secret Rune Location In Minecraft Dungeons

As the level begins where you need to find the Tomb, the first objective update that will be assigned to you on the current level will be to “Find The Gold Key”. You will need to Activate the Panel in order to collect the Gold Key. As soon as you collect the Gold Key, the attached next room is where you will find the secret Lever to open the Dungeon for Rune. Remember, that the Rune only spawns if you have already completed the game once.

Minecraft Dungeons

The above image shows where the Lever is located. You will need to activate the Lever and the path will open just beside it where you can enter and collect the Rune i.e. located in the Desert Temple. Once you have collected all 9 Runes excluding the first one which can be found in the camp, place all Runes in the church which will unlock a secret path for loots and new hidden level. For more guide and walkthrough on Minecraft Dungeons, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description: