Maneater Caviar Key All Landmarks, License Plates & Nutrient Cache


Maneater is a role-playing game developed by Tripwire Interactive. Caviar key is the final area where you will complete your shadow shark set. You need to collect all the landmarks in the area to obtain the final part.

Shadow shark set is the provide the maximum speed shark to your stats, but we recommend not to use this while fighting with Scaly Pete. The best set to fight with the bounty hunter and Scaly Pete is the Bone shark set. The bone shark set provides maximum mass and health to your shark and its active ability can easily destroy the bounty hunter

While fighting with the bounty hunters or Scaly Pete, you can also use your evade button and jump towards their boats to damage it. In this post, I will show you all the collectibles locations such as Landmarks, License Plates & Nutrient Cache in Caviar Key and Crawfish Bay.

Caviar Key Landmarks Location Maneater

There is a total of 8 landmarks that you need to break in this area and then you will obtain a shadow set part. Most of these landmarks will on the coast of the land, but one or two might be underwater in this area. The middle landmark that in the circle of water covered by land from all areas will be deep underwater. If you are having trouble locating any landmarks, I suggest you check out the above image and once you are near that area, use your sonar ability to find it.

Crawfish Bay All Collectibles

This area doesn’t have any main quest, but you will find 10 Nutrient Cache and 10 License Plates which you need to collect to complete the area 100%. You can visit this area once you become an elder and break the tunnel from Fawtick Bayou or you can visit the area from the gulf side.

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