Maneater the gulf all collectibles, landmarks, license plates& nutrient cache


Maneater is a role-playing game developed by Tripwire Interactive. The Gulf is the final area that you will come across in this game which is a vast area of sea. You will find encounter a lot of big fishes and whales that can be harder to kill if you are under level.

This area also has the most number of collectibles which consist of 9 landmarks, 21 Nutrient Cache, and 10 License plates. Check out the below image to find out the location of all the collectibles that you need to collect that will help you in completing the area 100%.

By collecting all the landmarks of this area, you will be able to get a part of the shadow set. Shadow set gives you the maximum speed stats in this game, increases your evade speed, and deals poison damage to the enemies. By equipping the shadow teeth you will gain +50 health for each bite you take of your enemies.

The Gulf Landmarks Location Maneater

There is a total of 9 landmarks you need to break in this area. The first two landmarks are in the starting area of the gulf. The third one is hidden behind the tunnel, check the red mark in the above image for location. The fourth one is near the grotto and the rest landmarks can be found at the end part of the area.

The Gulf License Plates Location

In this area, there are no land so most of the license plates can be found underground. You don’t need to make high jumps around the bridges or try hard enough to collect these plates. They will be big plates rotating under the sea which can also be located using the sonar ability of your shark. The more upgraded the ability the farther your shark can locate all the collectibles.

The Gulf Nutrient Cache Locations

These are the resources boxes scattered around the area and by collecting all the boxes you will gain a lot of different types of resources. These resources will help you in upgrading all the parts and organs of your shark. By upgrading these parts and organs the passive abilities of all the parts will increase, resulting in an overall increase of stats.

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