Maneater Prosperity Sands Landmarks, License Plate & Nutrient Cache


Maneater is a role-playing game developed by Tripwire Interactive. The Prosperity Sands is the 5th area that you have to visit after clearing the area of Sapphire Bay. After the fight with Scaly Pete, you need to visit the grotto of Prosperity Sands. You need to complete the area 50% to advance to next area and in this post, I will show you the location of all the collectibles you will find.

This area is quite smaller compared to other areas and has less number of collectibles which won’t be that hard to find. If your sonar is fully upgraded you can find all the collectibles easily. If you have missed a few and need to find its location, check out the image below.

Prosperity Sands Landmarks Location Maneater

There are 10 landmarks that you need to find and break in this area to obtain a part of the shadow shark set. Three of these landmarks can be found under the water at the bottom part of the area. The rest of the landmarks can be found on the coast of land. There is one landmark that can be found at the top of the area that is hidden behind the license plate in the image above that has been marked for your convenience.

Prosperity Sands License Plates Location

You need to find and collect 10 license plate in this area. Some of these license plates are above the bridge and you need to double jump and use your attack button at the right time to reach it. Your shark should be an elder to reach these places which are high above the ground. The rest of the plates can be found either inside the tunnel or it the land coast.

Prosperity Sands Nutrient Cache Location

This area only has 10 nutrient boxes which are not enough but can give you a decent amount of resources. If you are lacking a particular type of resource to upgrade your shark body parts or organs, you can find these boxes and collect them. Apart from giving you resources, it also increases the percentage of the area you have unlocked which helps you in advancing to the next area.

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