Stranded Deep- Various Uses Of Loom And Why It’s Necessary

Stranded Deep

In Stranded Deep, there are various crafting materials that might be stretch and unnecessary to build just to look fancy hence consume resources. Though Loom might be the first structure you wanna build after focusing on daily basic needs such as food and drinking water. In this guide we will explain why Loom is necessary and what does it provide us with.

Various Uses Of Loom And Why It’s Necessary For Stranded Deep

The loom is an ordinary structure that provides us Cloth which we can craft via consuming 4x Fibrous Leaves. To craft cloth, you will need to be near Loom with the required material in this case, 4x Fibrous Leaves. After building Cloth, these are too handy to build Fire Torch to light up when it’s dark.

The main objective to craft Loom and obtain cloth is to acquire the main resource for Bandages which is Lashing and Cloth. The cloth can only be obtained by Loom which we all know how severe is Bleeding Status. To cure yourself, you can’t rely on Life Raft and luck to find Bandages. The loom is the best choice for your survival if you are going for the long run or else in some way or another the negative Status Effects will digest you up slowly and painfully.

As we have recommended earlier to keep Cloth or Bandages in your Backpack while going for an expedition and looting new shipwrecks because you might never know when the Bandages will be needed. Having a Loom and Plot to grow food and vegetation on your island will simply increase the survivability of your character. For more guides on Stranded Deep, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description: