Maneater Sapphire Bay Landmarks, License Plates & Shadow Shark Set


Maneater is a role-playing game developed by Tripwire Interactive. In this game, you play the role of bull shark eating, upgrading, and evolving into mega to take revenger of your mother. Sapphire bay is the area where you will finally be able to have a fight with your arch-nemesis hunter called Scaly Pete. You need to complete all the main quests and complete the area 50% to finally be able to have a fight with Pete.

After this fight you will be able to finally turn into an Elder shark if you are of level 20 or above. You need to visit a grotto in any area to evolve into an elder. In this post of Maneater, I will show you all the collectibles located in the area of Sapphire bay which are landmarks, License Plates, and Nutrient Caches. After collecting all the nutrient caches in this area, you will get a part of the Shadow set.

Note: After the fight with Scaly Pete the sapphire bay will be poisoned by him and then you will find a lot Albino fishes who will grant you the green resource which can be used in the maxing out the upgrades of your shark.

Sapphire Bay Landmarks Location Maneater

There is a total of 8 landmarks that you need to collect in this area. Check out the above image to find the location of all the landmarks and break them. Make sure to collect the landmarks before the fight with Scaly Pete or after completing the game. Because after your fight with Scaly Pete, he will poison the whole area and you will have difficulty in locating all the collectibles.

Note: The last undiscovered collectible is the final Nutrient box of the area.

How To Get All Shadow Shark Upgrades.

There are 3 types of sets or upgrades customizable for your shark and each set has its own addition active and passive power. The three types of sets are Electric, Bone & Shadow set for the shark. To get all the parts of the shadow set, you need to break all the landmarks in Deep Horse Lake, Golden Shores, Sapphire Bay, Caviar Key, and Prosperity Sands.

By breaking the landmarks in each area will grant you a part of the set. The shadow set has an active ability that leaves poison and damages your enemies over time. If you are wearing all the parts of any set, the effect of the passive ability of these sets increases. With each upgrade, the looks of the sets and animation changes and the bull shark look more fierce than before.

Sapphire Bay License Plate

License plates are scattered above the area and are mostly found above water in the land area. Some of these license plates can be found underground or inside the tunnel. Check out the above image to find the location of all the license plates. There is a total of 10 license plates you can find in this area.

Some of these plates are really high up and need some tricks to obtain them. You need to bite these license plates to collect them. While jumping make sure the shark face is forward or upwards and press the attack button to make the shark leap in the direction you are facing.

Maneater Sapphire Bay Nutrient Cache

The nutrient cache is like boxes with a red light blinking on it. These boxes are mostly located underwater and contain all four types of resources your shark needs to upgrade its body parts. If you have collected all the three types of sets and want to upgrade all the parts and organs, you need to collect these nutrient caches. By collecting all the boxes in every area, you will have a sufficient amount of resources to upgrade your shark fully.