Stranded Deep- How To Use Water Still And Make Water

Stranded Deep

In Stranded Deep, Water is an essential need for each player as they struggle from hunger and thirst. Thirst can be quenched by drinking drinkable fluids that can be found on an island or boat. It can also be generated by crafting a Water Still. In this guide we have explained how you can generate water from Water Still and how many various ways are there which can be used to quench your thirst.

How To Use Water Still And Make Water In Stranded Deep

First, the very natural and easiest way you can find water is in a form of Coconut on a Palm Tree. You can climb or chop down the Coconut or Palm Tree, either way you will obtain Coconut. Coconut will be raw at the beginning and to drink from it, you will need to drop Coconut on the ground and use any sharp object such as Knife or Pickaxe to hit. You will notice it will turn Brown, pick it up and drink the Coconut Water at the instance to quench your thirst. You can drop the Coconut and split it open by hitting it by using the same method as before and eat it to even fill up your tummy.

Second, the rations you will find in an abandoned boat will contain food and water in a tin which will simultaneously fill both bars. It can be used as an emergency Ration because the space required for Ration is 1 and it works for both hunger and thirst.

Finally, you can build Water Still which will fill a bar per sip from it. To build Water Still, you will require these following material:

  • 3X Rock
  • 1x Tarp
  • 1x Lashing
  • 1x Palm Frond
  • 1x Coconut Flask

To obtain Palm Frond, you will need to chop down Palm Bunch which will be found on a Palm Tree. Cut down the Palm Tree and collect Palm Frond from Palm Bunch. After building Water Still, it is recommended to add Fibrous Leaves as both Palm Frond and Fibrous Leaves can be added. Remember Fibrous Leaves spawn but trees don’t so reserve the materials. Now the water will be generated automatically without any rain or the help of certain weather. Fill up excess water from Water Still Collector in your Flask before going for expedition and let Water Still do its work. For more guide on Stranded Deep, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description: