Maneater fawtick bayou all collectibles,landmarks,nurtrients & license Plate


Maneater is a role-playing game developed by Tripwire Interactive. Fawtick Bayou is the first area that you come across as soon as you complete the tutorial. The first few quests will be easy where you need to kill other fishes and save yourself from the alligators.

To collect all the collectibles in the Fawtick Bayou, you need to be at least an adult. In the adult form, you will unlock the double jump which will be easier for you to collect the license plates that are in high places or on the ground.

This area has 37 collectibles which you need to collect in order to complete 100%. Out of these 37 collectibles 10 are landmarks, 10 license plate, and 17 nutrient boxes. Check out the image below to find out the location of all of these collectibles.

Maneater Fawtick Bayou Landmarks Location

There is a total of 10 landmarks which are of yellow signs. You need to hit the landmarks with your body or jaw to break them. After breaking them you will be narrated the story of that nearby landmark. The 10 landmarks you can find in the Fawtick Bayou is:

  • Poor Planning
  • Establish Dominance
  • The Ticking
  • Gator Sculpture
  • Yes Master
  • Must Paddle Faster! Must Paddle Faster
  • Sunshine Improvised Warehouse
  • Bumpy Ride
  • Baby’s First Landmark
  • Too Literal

Maneater Fawtick Bayou Nutrient Box Location

Nutrient boxes are filled with resources that your hungry shark needs to level up, evolve, and upgrade. Each area has a number of Nutrient boxes that you need to locate and open them. These boxes are not that hard to find and are mostly underwater or you need to enter into tunnels to find them.

By roaming in the Fawtick Bayou area keep using your sonar and later open the map to find the locations of the collectibles. You can also check the image above to find the location of all the 17 Nutrient boxes you can find in the Fawtick Bayou.

Maneater Fawtick Bayou License Plate Location

Most of these plates can be found above the ground which you can collect by using the double jump once the shark is evolved into an adult. Some plates can also be located inside the tunnel that you can find underwater. There is a total of 10 license plates you need to collect in the Fawtick Bayou. check out the image above to find the location of all the license plates.

Dead Horse Lake Landmarks Location