Maneater Evolution Guide, Elder Level, How To Get Electric And Bone Set


Maneater is a role-playing game developed by Tripwire Interactive. At the beginning of the game, you will have to play with the baby bull shark and keep on feeding the fishes and collect nutrients to level up.

Maneater Evolution

There is a total of 4 evolution of the shark which can be done by visiting the grotto once you reach the
required level. The evolutions of the bull shark are:

  • Teen – Level 4
  • Adult – level 10
  • Elder – Level 20
  • Mega – Level 30 Max

Note: To become elder you must fight with Scaly Pete once you have completed all the main missions of Sapphire Bay. After fighting with Scaly Pete visit the grotto to become an elder from adult.

If you have reached the required level and still can’t evolve after visiting the grotto, then you need to complete a few more quests. After that the bottom right corner above the level bar you can see the icon to visit grotto to evolve.

Reaching the elder evolution can be tough at the beginning but if you collecting all the license plate, landmarks, and nutrients boxes, then it won’t be that hard. You can reach elder in just 4-5 hours of gameplay by also killing the humans and hunters.

Maneater How To Get Electric Teeth/Fin/Body/Head/Tail

These upgrade makes you stronger and has their own special ability. If you have equipped all the 5 items, you will get a +25 bioelectric bonus damage. The electric set stuns the enemies that you bite and also increase your evading speed.

These upgrades can be obtained by killing the bounty hunter boss. There is a total of 10 bosses that you need to kill and they will appear once your infamy rank increases. To increase your infamy rank you just need to keep killing humans and the bounty hunters.

Maneater How To Get Bone Teeth/Fin/Body/Head/Tail

The bone set will give you maximum resistance from the hunter’s bullet and also does more damage to the boats. To obtain this set, you need to keep completing the main quests. Once you complete all the quests of the area, you will get a final quest to kill the apex predator of that area.
After killing the apex predator you will obtain one item from the bones. Defeat all the 5 apex predators to complete the bone set.

Maneater Upgrade Shark

To upgrade the organs and the body of the shark, you need to collect nutrients. There is a total of 4 types of nutrients that you can find in the game which are Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

You can obtain these nutrients by killing other fishes and alligators. But the most efficient way to farm nutrients is to collect the nutrient boxes that can found in all the areas. You can use your sonar to locate these boxes.

Completing normal quests and all the side quests also grant you a lot of nutrients for your shark to upgrade.

Dead Horse Lake Landmarks Location