Maneater Dead Horse Lake All Landmarks And How To Visit Its Grotto


Maneater is the latest role-playing game developed by Tripwire Interactive. In this game you play the role of one of the most dangerous sharks to humans called Bull Shark. These sharks are known for their aggressive and migrating nature and prefer coastal water where humans mostly swim

During the tutorial you play as the mother Bull shark who is captured by the hunter named Scaly Pete. The hunter rips the stomach of the shark and a baby comes out which he throws in the water.

You start the game as the baby shark who needs to feed other fish, gain nutrients, and try to evolve and grow up while surviving from the other predators of the sea. At the beginning of the game the predator from which you need to maintain distance is the Aligator who is of level 15.

After completing two quests in the first area “Fawtick Bayou”, you will get the third quest to visit the dead horse lake grotto. The route to the dead horse lake is quite simple if you have found the tunnel connecting the first area to the lake. But if you have reached the caviar key gate, you might get confused on how to open it.

In this post of Maneater, I will show you the landmarks of the area and how to reach the dead horse lake.

Maneater Dead Horse Lake Landmarks

dead horse lake landmarks

Till now I have managed to find the 9/10 landmarks. Check out the above image for the location of all the landmarks. For the final landmarks, I think the shark needs to be evolved into the elder. After finding the final landmark, this post will be updated again.

Note: The final landmark is just beside the right side of the tunnel which I haven’t visited yet on top of the map. The landmark will be near the coast beside the tunnel. Use your sonar near the tunnel to locate the landmark.

Maneater Dead Horse Lake Walkthrough

To reach the dead horse lake you need to find a tunnel entrance shown in the image above. If you have reached the caviar key gate, you cannot open it at the beginning of the game and can only be opened from the other side.

In dead horse lake, you come with contacts with the humans and have to fight with the hunters. There is a total of 10 hunters you need to fight in the game and they will appear once your threat level is high enough. To increase your threat level, you need to keep eating humans and destroy the boats.

Killing humans, destroying their boat, and finally killing the hunters will help you in evolving faster than eating the fishes. You can also complete the side quests such as collecting nutrients boxes, unlocking landmarks, and destroying, killing the targets to earn resources to upgrade your evolutions.

Maneater How To Open Caviar Key Gate

At the beginning of the game it is impossible to open the gate from the Fawtick Bayou. You need to open the gate from the other side. To open the gate you need to hold a fish or human in your jaw and toss them using the tail whip towards the button.

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