Stranded Deep- How To Make Fuel From Fuel Still

Stranded Deep

In Stranded Deep surviving and growing crops in the base or island might suit your lifestyle as the day goes by. Building crafting and vehicle crafting might be your ultimate goal but these vehicles such as Raft Motor and Gyrocopter require a heavy amount of Fuel. Fuel cannot be obtained but can be prepared and in this guide we will explain how you will be able to make Fuel from Fuel Still.

How To Make Fuel From Fuel Still In Stranded Deep

As the title suggests, we need a Fuel Still in order to make Fuel. So, first we go through the crafting section and build up a Campfire. For that Fire Pit and Fire need to built and on top of it build Fuel Still which will produce Fuel. Though after building Fuel Still we will need raw material to produce Fuel.

To produce we will need to build Potato Farm to grow Potatoes. Each Potato can be mashed in the Fuel Still to obtain one-fourth of Fuel for your mechanical vehicle. So in total of 4 Potatoes can go in your Fuel Still to collect a complete batch of Fuel. It is recommended to grow at least 4-6 Potato Farm to which the majority will go in the production of Fuel and the rest for Food.

Fuel consumption is more in Gyrocopter than in Raft motor, so it is recommended that when you are attempting to go for looting, take your Raft. Gyrocopter can be used for scouting or looking out. For more guides on Stranded Deep, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description: