Raft Radio Tower Location Guide Walkthrough And How To Find It

Raft is an open-world survival game developed by Redbeet Interactive. You can play this game solo but having friends over who can help you in your journey makes the game more interesting.

You start the game in the middle of the ocean with a small raft and survive in the ocean. There will be a shark always near you so be careful while diving into the ocean to collect the resources.

The depth of the ocean is vast and you might not reach till the end so do not go deep down till you find an island. You can farm for resources near the island by making a shark bait and keep the shark busy.

In the mid-game while you have unlocked most of the research from the research station, you will come across a radio, battery, and antenna. You will need those things to locate the radio tower where you will find a lot of resources and on the whiteboard, you will unlock the new part to the game story.

Currently, there is are three areas in the open world that you need to visit the complete the first chapter which are:

  • Radio Tower
  • Vasagatan
  • Balboa Island

In this post of Raft, I will show you how to reach the Radio Tower and what equipment you will have to craft in order to locate the tower.

Raft Radio Tower Location

First of all to locate the radio tower and advance in the game, you have to craft 3 equipment which are:

  • Receiver
  • Antenna
  • Battery

To craft receiver you will need 8x plant, 6x plastic, 2x circuit board, and 1x hinge. Once you have crafted the receiver place it on the 1st floor of your raft. You will have to place the battery on the side of the receiver to turn it on.

Once you turn it on, it will show you to connect 3 antennas. You just have to craft the antenna and place them on three corners on the 1st floor of the raft. Once all the antenna is set, turn on the receiver and place the code of the tower.

To find the code of the tower press “T” on the keyboard or open your journal. To change the numbers you will have to press the up or down button and the change, the position of the numbers interacts with the side lever.

Once the code is set, you will find a blue icon on the receiver screen. Sail your way towards the blue marker and you will find the radio tower. At the top of the radio tower you will find the whiteboard and there will be a note to locate the next area.

Similarly to find the next area Vasagatan put the code in the reciver and sail towards the blue icon.