GTA 5 Everything You Should Know About Dispatch Missions


In GTA 5 before knowing about this dispatch mission, you need to know there are various small missions that you can play with your friends in a team of 2-4 or random people playing on the server. These missions are usually, PvE (Players vs Enemy or NPC) and you can set the difficulty level from easy, normal, or hard.

Playing it on the hard mode will grant you maximum RP and Cash. RP is used to level up your online character and with the cash you purchase property, business, arcade, nightclub, and exotic vehicles.

While playing GTA 5 online, you might see a text from Martin popping up just above your mini-map multiple times. Dispatch missions are unlocked from the starting of the game in level 1 and players can team up with 2-4 players to perform certain tasks and in the end you will be rewarded from an NPC name Martin Madrazo.

GTA 5 Dispatch Missions

There is a total of 6 dispatch missions that you can play with your friends multiple times at the beginning of the game. By completing each mission you will earn 6-8k RP and 30- 40k cash. These 6 dispatch missions are:

Dispatch Mission 1

In this mission you need to infiltrate a police station and have to kill an informant. As soon as you enter the police station you will have to get 3-star police after you. You need to make your way to the basement of the police station,  open the cell, and take out the informant.

After killing the informant, do not directly go outside the station or you will be surrounded by the police force and it can be hard to evade them. Rather go to the roof of the police station and you will find a police chopper, fly the chopper and evade the police to complete this mission easily and get rewards.

Dispatch Mission 2/3/4

These missions are also kind of similar to the dispatch 1 missions. You need to visit the Merryweather HQ and assassinate a target in dispatch 2. In dispatch 3 you need to visit the LSIA hangar and kill a target and in dispatch 4 you need to visit a Recycling plant to kill an informant.

In dispatch 2 and 3 you can find a chopper at Merryweather HQ and in dispatch 3 you can find a plane at the LSIA hangar. Use these vehicles to escape the area.

Dispatch 5

In this mission you need to assassinate 5 different targets located across the map of Los Santos.

Dispatch 6

You need to destroy at least 4 armored trucks leaving the LSIA airfield in this mission. So make sure to have sufficient ammo and assault rifles, bombs to destroy these vans. If you run out of ammo in the middle of the mission, you can press the M button, go the inventory, and then ammo. From there you can purchase ammo directly within the mission.

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