Snowrunner- Derry Longhorn Location And How To Unlock


In Snowrunner Scout and Heavy Machinery vehicles each have different mechanics and are advantageous for different scenarios. Similarly collecting all types of vehicles that are lost or kept hidden in the wild can be unlocked and used for adventure. Derry Longhorn 3194 which is durable and pull heavy load can be unlocked by simply completing the following methods which are mentioned in this post.

Derry Longhorn Location And How To Unlock In Snowrunner

Moving along Alaska’s, White Valley area, you will need to scout the map, and when you have enough information accept the tasks that are provided for that map. Among them, a straight forward mission “Pluck The Stuck Truck” describes and explains that a tow truck has been stuck which needs to be pulled out and rescued in such a harsh weather condition and terrain. Unfortunately, the only guy left is you who is reading this guide.

You will need to accept the mission where you will need to deliver this heavy truck with the help of another truck by pulling and winching all the way to the other part of the map where Parking Garage is located. To avoid complete consumption of Fuel for your Scout vehicle, it is recommended to attach Fuel Carrier onto your Scout as it plays an important role in unlocking the map. Once you have reached the destination by pulling the Derry Longhorn 3194, you will be able to change the truck and store it in Garage to repair it completely. Once it has been stored in your Garage, you can use this magnificent heavy-duty vehicle at any given time. For more guide on Snowrunner, click on the links that have been mentioned below the description: