Scrap Mechanic How To Get Cotton, Corn, Ember & Metal Block 2 Guide

Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic is a sandbox game developed by Axolot Games. The map can be random for all the players but the items and resources that you need to survive can be a bit difficult to find.

There are way too many resources that you can craft and need to find in the open world to unlock new items. Some of these resources are Cotton, which is used to craft outfits, Corn will provide you with food and water resource, Metal block 2 which high durability.

In this post, I will tell you where you can find cotton, what is the use of corn in the game, and how to get metal block 2 and ember.

Scrap Mechanic Cotton

While roaming around in the open world in the game, you will find a different environment in different parts of the map. You need to find an environment with autumn weather that has reddish or orange leaves and the ground will be a bit yellowish during daylight. In those areas, you can find cotton instead of flowers. Just search around in that environment and you will find small plants with big white buds as shown in the image above.

Scrap Mechanic Corn & Milk

At the beginning of the game, you might find a lot of corn plants and upon hitting them with hammer small 3-4 corns drop down which you can collect. These corns can be your main source of food and water resource as upon feeding these corns to the cows that you can find in the game will get you milk.

You need to place 3 corn in front of a cow and after eating those corns they will produce milk for you which you can drink and increase your food and thirst meter. Milk will increase your thirst meter more than the food meter but there are lots of corn plants you can find in the beginning and use them to store milk.

Scrap Mechanic How To Get Ember & Metal Block 2

To craft metal block 2 the important resource is the ember. Metal block can be acquired by breaking the big rocks with a drill and then breaking those rocks with a hammer. After breaking the rocks, you need to refine it to get the metal block 1.

Metal block 2 can be crafted from the Craft bot by using the resource which are:

  • Metal block 1
  • Embers
  • Water Can – It can be obtained from the water pump.

At the beginning of the game you might find a lot of burning trees near your ship, you can break these trees by using your hammer and it will drop you the ember resource.

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