Scrap Mechanic How To Craft Drill, Get Oil & Increase Thirst Meter

Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic is a sandbox game developed by Axolot Games. While hitting the big rocks with hammers shows you a message that the rock is too big for the hammers, you need to break it into small pieces. To break those big rocks into small pieces you will have to use the drill.

Scrap Mechanic Drill

To be able to craft drill in this game first of all you need to unlock the Mechanic Station. There you have to build a Craft bot that will help you to craft all the items and tools you need to use in this game.

To make a drill work you need:

  • A drill – To craft drill you will need metal block 1 and metal block 2.
  • Bearing to rotate the drill
  • A vehicle to attach the drill
  • Engine to power the drill.

Note: Metal block 1 can be crafted from the Craft bot using the resource that can be obtained by refining the bot’s arms. For metal block 2 you can check out our previous guide.

By the time you reach the Mechanic station, you might have a basic vehicle ready for use and a connector tool. You need to connect the drill to the bearing and with the connector tool, connect it to the engine. You can get all these tools from the Craft bot, but to craft them you need a few of these resources.

The engine you can use at the starting of the game should be the gas engine which is pretty easy to craft and the most important resource will be Oil. Glue clam and crude oil can be found at the bottom of the water from where the black smokes will be coming or from the pink seashell.

Once you have crafted all the tools that you need to make your drill work, put the bearing on your vehicle front side, and drill on it. Then connect the bearing to the engine and use the drill to smash big rocks to get metals.

Scrap Mechanic How To Increase Thirst Meter Or Drink

In this game there has been no option to drink water to increase your thirst meter, you need to eat fruits like tomatoes to increase your thirst meter. Drinking milk will also increase your water meter greatly.

Milk is quite easy and always available in-game but there is a certain trick in which players might get confused on how to obtain it early game. You can check out our previous guide here on how to get milk HERE which will also increase your food meter.