Snowrunner- Oil Rig Drill For Not A Drill Loading And Unloading


In Snowrunner delivering Drill to the Drill Site at Black River is another task yet to be accomplished. To complete the task, you will need a small perfect execution. This heavy drill can be carried on your Trailer or your any heavy vehicle i.e. meant for transportation. In this guide, we have explained what you need to do for completing the task.

Oil Rig Drill For Not A Drill In Snowrunner

First, you will need to select the truck or any heavy machinery which you might think i.e. suitable for the job. Then on Trailer Store, you will need to purchase Flatbed Semi-Trailer if you don’t have one. Attach one Flatbed Semi-Trailer which will simply cost you 6600 bucks for your truck where your Drill will be bounded for transportation. After attaching Flatbed Trailer, you will need to travel Smithville Dam in order to load Oil Rig Drill by accessing Cargo Management.

After loading Oil Rig Drill, you will need to travel back towards the Black River at Michigan, USA. Check your fuel before starting the journey towards the Drilling Site which will be marked on your map. Once you reach the marked location, simply unload your cargo which will complete the task. We will recommend any S class Power-To-Weight vehicle for this job which will make the transportation much easier and faster ignoring the Fuel Consumption section of the vehicle, as the location is not situated far away.

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