Scrap Mechanic Master Battery And Mechanic Station Location Guide

Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic is a sandbox game developed by Axolot Games. The survival mode just recently got launched where at the beginning you will spawn near a burning ship.

The game doesn’t really have a tutorial and players need to figure out how to survive in the open world. The first objective of your game should be to repair your burning ship and to grow foods that we will post later.

To repair your ship, you need to extinguish all the fire. As soon as you spawn towards your right side there will be a pond and buckets. Press the right mouse button to pick up bucket fill water and throw them on the fire to extinguish them.

As soon as all the fire is extinguished and you are inside the ship, you have to restore the power of the ship. Power can be restored by placing the master battery on the panel shown inside the ship. After restoring the power you can craft items like engine, seat, blocks, and much more.

Scrap Mechanic Master Battery Location

Till now we have found two master battery one for our ship and the other one for the mechanic station where you can craft different types of bots such as scarp bot, cook bot, refinery bot, and much more.

The first battery will be located on the top of the tower just in front of your crashed ship. Head straight from your ship breaking the loot boxes and you will find the tower. Climb till the top and you will find the first battery.

The second battery will be on the right side of the mechanic station inside the tube-like houses. Go near the blue door where numbers are written and hit them with the hammer to open it and inside on of the tube you will find the master battery.

Scarp Mechanic Mechanic Station Location

After fixing the power of your ship, you will have access to engines, seats and other tools to build a vehicle for yourself. You can press “H” in-game if you need help on how to build one.

After building your own vehicle keep roaming on the roads but beware of the bots. The mechanic station will be just beside the roadside with a big glowing wrench like structure on top of it. You cannot miss the station if you keep going on the road.

So head over there find the second master battery and place it inside the mechanic station to restore the power and craft different kinds of bots.