Snowrunner- Drainage Mission And All Location Of Pump


In Snowrunner, the Black River located in Michigan, USA yet deliver a harsh condition for all veteran and new drivers. It comes in the form of Drainage where you need to find the Pump to drain the swamps. You cannot underestimate the scarcity of Fuel as it is leaked every second when your engine is turned on which gives an absolute condition where you can’t afford to waste a single minute. In this guide, we have mentioned the walkthrough of Drainage Mission and all the locations of Pumps via image.

Drainage Mission Walkthrough And All Location Of Pump In Snowrunner

Find The Pump Near The Steel River

It is recommended to take this mission during broad daylight, so now we will start by discovering the pump of Steel River as it is quite near to the location from where you have accepted the mission. There are two alternate ways, one which is short but wandering without any direction might be dangerous and the other one which is a longer route but safe. It depends on your choice whatever you wanna take and to help it we have provided two images down below colored Red and Blue. Red denotes danger and Blue denotes safe.


It is safe to turn when you encounter a diversion as shown in the image. The Blue route is all rocky path whereas the Red route is swampy and muddy. You may choose whichever route you want to take but if you are dealing with an unexplored area then it is recommended to take the safest route.

Find The Pump Near The Garage


After completing and discovering the Pump near the Farm which is revealed below, you will need to take the road from the garage or warehouse. Following the uphill without diverting towards camp, you will find the swamp at the corner of the map as shown above.

Find The Pump Near The Farm

Pump Near Farm

Following down the route of Town Storage and Missing Machinery, stick to the road and turn left to cross the bridge. After crossing the bridge turn right where the swamp on the left is where you will find the third pump near the Farm as shown in the image above.

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