Snowrunner- ANK MK38 Location For Unlocking And Using It


Snowrunner which was released in late April is the most anticipated and successful game following the Spintire series. The map with unknown weather and terrain condition holds much danger alone in tracks along with various vehicles which are needed to be explored and switched in order to unlock. In this guide, we will explain how to unlock ANK MK38 i.e. without wavering from the path and reducing damage and fuel consumption for your vehicle.

ANK MK38 Location To Unlock In Snowrunner

ANK MK38 is a big cargo truck with excellent Power to Weight balance and higher durability. Usually, the fuel consumption of such big and powerful machinery is much high and no wonder ANK MK38 has a B+ rating. To unlock such a wonderful vehicle, you will need to reach Global Map “ALASKA, USA”. Under ALASKA, you will need to play Pedro Bay where this vehicle is located in the abandoned and unexplored road.


The above marked image of the map Pedro Bay shows the exact location where you can find ANK MK38. Moving West following the course i.e. Opposite from the Gateway to Mountain River, you will find a diversion towards right coming from the Gateway to Mountain River where you will have The Lost Tools and Moving The Stock. Take the road towards North from there which will ultimately lead you to the vehicle you are longing for i.e. ANK MK38.

The unpredictable harsh weather and the course of road along with the decision making of each driver to full throttle and minimize the fuel consumption which makes this game more interesting in unknown and unexplored territory. For a more informative guide on Snowrunner, you can click on the link that has been provided below the description: