Snowrunner Caterpillar 745c Location, Island Lake Garage, Sell Trucks


Snowrunner is an off-road vehicle simulation game developed by Saber Interactive. The life of a driver can be hard and they need to be careful while driving in harsh conditions on various parts of the map.

Players will have to deal with the muddy areas of Michigan, the frozen area of Alaska, and much more. These areas are quite large so players have to unlock all the watchtower to reveal parts of the area.

In this post of Snowrunner, I will tell you about the area Island Lake, caterpillar 745c location, and how to sell

Snowrunner Caterpillar 745c Location

This is a truck that you can find by exploring the map of Alaska. You can find this truck
on the second part on the Alaska map on the mountain river. On the top right corner of the map
in the mountain river, you will find a cabin and in front of that will be the cat 745c truck.

If you are driving from the White Valley to Mountain River, take the first right turn and then again
a right towards a dirt path. When you reach the first junction again take a right and you will find the cabin.

Snowrunner Island Lake Garage

A garage is used to repair, refuel, and customize your vehicles. So before going to the Island lake area, you need to plan beforehand as there is no garage in the Island lake area.

Well, to make the situation worse you won’t find a single fuel station in that area too which makes it more challenging. You have to carry a sufficient amount of fuel in your vehicles but even if you are running low, you can find some fuel trailers scattered around the area.

There are many players who find it difficult to cross the area without any garage or fuel station. While some see it as challenge developers have for all the players.

Snowrunner How To Sell Trucks

To sell a truck, first of all, you need to have a garage. After that head over to your garage and select the truck menu. You can see a list of trucks available to you and at the bottom right corner of the screen, you can find a sell icon.

Select the truck that you want to sell and press the spacebar button to sell it. If you are using an Xbox controller press the Y button to sell the truck.