Stranded Deep- How To Make Lashing For Tools And Bandage

Stranded Deep

In Stranded Deep the resources which are introduced at the beginning or found at the island are much more of an importance than any other rare resources. These resources are the very building block of your cozy and safe life in isolation. Resources namely Rocks, Sticks, etc. might be easier to found but holds much more importance for crafting as weapons or even as a source for fire and food. Now, these normal and common resources can be wielded and focused on crafting much better equipment such as Lashing. In this guide, we focus on how to make lashing which is an important material for crafting Bandage for curing Bleeding Status.

How To Make Lashing For Tools And Bandage In Stranded Deep

For crafting any types of equipment it is recommended to open your crafting menu to check and learn which equipments can be built and the materials that are required for it. Similarly, we must have skipped in a hurry as we go on advancing our lifestyle on an unknown island surrounded by sharks. Lashing is an equipment that can be built at the very beginning as the material i.e. required to craft Lashing is very common. To build Lashing you will simply require:

  • 4x Fibrous Leaves

Lashing is used in almost more than half of the crafting equipment in general which you will see when you open Crafting Menu. The first use of Lashing will be to craft tools for mining and hunting. Later Lashing is used even in crafting Bandage which we all must know is a very important and valuable resource to save your life if you are not dying of hunger and thirst. Even Lashing is used to preserve food in perfect shape for eating.

As you might know after reading this far that Lashing is the basic and most important equipment i.e. required and need to be crafted in advance for any future use. If you all are up for more informative guide, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description: