Stranded Deep- Campfire Out Of Fuel What To Do?

Stranded Deep

In Stranded Deep the only means of fire i.e. provided to you for basic need is Campfire. You can build a campfire easily but the fuel or say the sticks and other components are burnt and used up after it has been rekindled for some time. When there is no fuel, the campfire or even Fire Pit will notify “Empty Campfire” even if they are built perfectly. To refill its fuel, you will need to go on this guide and learn what you need to do?

Campfire Out Of Fuel What To Do In Stranded Deep

Fire is an important source that can be used for cooking and preserving food via Smoker using the Fire Pit. When your Campfire is out of Fuel or say Fire Pit is out of fuel, you will need to gather or keep in possession of 3 important resources which we have mentioned below the followings:

  • 2x Wood Stick
  • 1x Driftwood
  • 1x Palm Frond

Pick these mentioned resources up in your inventory wheel and sequentially you will need to put down these resources i.e. 2x Wood Stick, Driftwood and Palm Frond to refill your Campfire Fuel. Now pick up your Kindling and start rubbing your stick on the top to start up the fire.

Here, now you know what to do when your Campfire is out of Fuel. So, whenever there is day or night, you can lighten up your campfire to use it when it is necessary. Keep these ingredients or resources lined up in your base whenever you find them at the beginning.  For more guides on Stranded Deep, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description: