Snowrunner Cheats & Trainer Download With Unlimited Money and Fuel


Snowrunner is an open world driving simulator game developed by Saber Interactive. In this game, you get to drive some of the most powerful vehicles in the harsh environment of Michigan, Alaska, and Russia.

It is very slow-paced and can be an annoying game sometimes but very satisfying after reaching your destination fighting all the challenges that come at you.

After completing each job you will earn money to buy better vehicles and trucks with which you dive deeper into the woods and overcome muddy roads.

Sometimes players get annoyed on how slow the game is and like to try out different vehicles and trucks. Not all people have enough time to grind hard to unlock each and every vehicle. So in this post, I will post a few cheats and trainers that you can download and can try out all vehicles at an early stage of the game.

Snowrunner Cheats & Trainers

1st Cheat & Trainer

The first trainer is from Cheathappens that you can download from HERE. They have two different trainers and the first trainer also supports the original game from the Epic Store.

With this trainer, you can have infinite fuel for your vehicles and trucks. You will get super-speed and no damage will occur to your vehicle. Players can also modify the money, level, and experience they have with this trainer.

2nd Cheat & Trainer

The second trainer is from megadevs that you can download from HERE. You don’t have to be a premium member to download this cheat. But for free users, only unlimited money option is there which can be activated by pressing the Left Control button + F1.

Players can also reset their money by pressing the Right control button + F1. For unlimited fuel, you need to at least be a bronze member and for unlimited EXP, Silver member. Gold members will have access to all the above perks and their vehicle will take no damage.