Trails Of Mana Change Class, Class Item, Guide & All Classes

Trails Of Mana

In Trails of Mana, players get to choose their first class as soon they reach level 18 and which is free, but when they reach level 38, you will need a class item to switch class.

Well you don’t need to worry about getting these class items as you will have enough till you reach level 38. In this post, I will tell you about how to change class, which item you need, and guide to all different kinds of classes.

There is a total of 6 characters to select at the beginning of the game and two companions. All these characters have four classes that you can choose. At level 18 you will have two choices, light or dark class and again at level 38 you will have to choose light or dark class.

Trails Of Mana How To Change Class / Class Item

As I have mentioned earlier the first class change is free but when you reach level 38, you need to interact with the Mana stone. By interacting with the mana stone at level 18 you will be able to change the first class.

While fighting with monsters you will come across some “??? Seeds”. You can plant these seeds in the pots that you can find at every Inn. These seeds will grant you a special class item that will help you to change class at level 38 by interaction with the Mana stone.

Trails Of Mana All Classes

In light class you get the abilities to heal yourself, your companions, and buff their stats. In dark classes, you debuff enemy stats and increase your attack power.

Duran Class

Level 18 – Knight (Light) or Gladiator (Dark).

Level 38 (Knight) – Paladin (Light/Light) or Liege (Light/Dark).

Level 38 (Gladiator) – Edelfrei (Dark/Light) or Duelist (Dark/Dark).

Angela Class

Level 18 – Sorceress (Light) or Mysticist (Dark).

Level 38 (Sorceress) – Grand Diviner (Light/Light) or Archmage (Light/Dark).

Level 38 (Mysticist) – Rune Seer (Dark/Light) or Magus (Dark/Dark).

Kevin Class

Level 18 – Monk (Light) or Brawler (Dark).

Level 38 (Monk) – Divine Fist (Light/Light) or Warrior Monk (Light/Dark).

Level 38 (Brawler) – Enlightened (Dark/Light) or Fatal Fist (Dark/Dark).

Charlotte Class

Level 18 – Priestess (Light) or Enchantress (Dark).

Level 38 (Priestess) – High Cleric (Light/Light) or Sage (Light/Dark).

Level 38 (Enchantress) – Necromancer (Dark/Light) or Warlock (Dark/Dark).

Hawkeye Class

Level 18 – Priestess (Light) or Enchantress (Dark).

Level 38 (Priestess) – High Cleric (Light/Light) or Sage (Light/Dark).

Level 38 (Enchantress) – Necromancer (Dark/Light) or Warlock (Dark/Dark).

Reisz Class

Level 18 – Valkyrie (Light) or Rune Maiden (Dark).

Level 38 (Valkyrie) – Vanadis (Light/Light) or Starlancer (Light/Dark).

Level 38 (Rune Maiden) – Dragon Master (Dark/Light) or Fenrir Knight (Dark/Dark).

Trails Of Mana How To Unlock Tier 4th Class

To unlock the final class you need to complete the main story. After that return to Valsena Royal Library and complete the post-game quests. Then defeat the final post-game boss and you will get a class change item. Players will have the liberty to choose between light and dark classes.

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