Stranded Deep- Buoy Balls Loaction And How To Collect It

Stranded Deep

In Stranded Deep building a raft is an essential and only mode of transport which you will require as swimming all the way to different islands is way more dangerous due to the lurking sea creatures. Though there are multiple Raft Bases that can be built and one of them which we are gonna discuss is Buoy Ball Raft Base and other uses of it. To build Buoy Ball Raft Base, we will need Buoy Ball which will help the raft to float and these balls are not found randomly unless you encounter the multiple Buoy balls lined up which indicates the boundary. Past that there is nothingness!

Buoy Balls Location And How To Collect It In Stranded Deep

Buoy Balls is one of the interesting resources or an ingredient for different crafting materials. These Buoy Balls are light and float on the ocean which will be a clever way of marking spots on the water for incomplete or unexplored areas underwater for later. Except that it is only used as an ingredient for Raft and Fishing line or Fishing Rod.

Stranded Deep

The interesting thing is where you can collect these yellow floating balls. Originally you will find them floating across the ocean which cannot be collected but there are few or maybe multiple Buoy Balls inside the ocean tied together which can be collected. These Buoy Balls are generally or mostly located in the Shipwrecks. When you locate a shipwreck, search the decks or places for yellow Buoy Balls tied up together in rope.

To collect them, you will need to cut these net using your Crude Axe. After you cut down the rope, it will float immediately on the water where you can collect all these Buoy Balls. It is an excellent marker as well as a floating device that you cannot miss to collect. For a more informative guide on Stranded Deep, click the link that has been mentioned below the description: