Cloudpunk How To Refuel, Repair And Upgrade Your HOVA?


Cloudpunk is a delivery company for which the main character has to work the delivery job to make money. The main protagonist Raina is from the eastern peninsula and had to leave because of the debt corp.

She leaves her home and comes to the big city of Nivalis in order to make money quickly and live peacefully. In this city her only first friend is the automata CAMUS her dog who is installed in her HOVA.

Your HOVA is the main source of your income in this game and you need to take care of it properly. In this post, I will tell you how to refuel your HOVA, repair, and upgrade it.

Cloudpunk How To Refuel?

To refuel your HOVA, you need to find a gas icon on your map or you can follow the mini-map. There perfectly park the HOVA and press the interaction button to fill up the gas.

Check the above image for reference. Each gas station has a different price for each litre of fuel. Some are 2.50$/L and some can be more than 3$/L.

So you can find the cheapest gas station and each time you pass through that station, you could fill up your fuel.

What happens if your gas gets over or completely damaged?

If your gas gets over your HOVA won’t crash, rather it will go really slow till you refuel it at the gas station. Similarly if your HOVA is completely damaged and smokes coming out of it. It won’t crash but will travel really slow and you need to pay a heavy amount to fix it.

So make sure not to crash too much and get the Plasteel Bumpers from the repair shop to minimize the damage and dents of your HOVA during the accident.

Cloudpunk How To Repair HOVA?

First of all, you should always try not to hit any other vehicles or buildings and if by mistake an accident occurs, you can visit the yellow wrench shop on the map.

There park the vehicle and talk to the guy to repair your HOVA. With more accidents, you need to pay a heavier amount to fix your HOVA. But you can buy an upgrade “Plasteel Bumpers” to reduce damage to your HOVA.

There are some other upgrades too which are:

  • Speed Boosters – By pressing the Interact button while driving you will get a speed boost, but uses more fuel.
  • Vertical Repulsor – Making a sharp turn or drag with your HOVA becomes easier with this upgrade.
  • Lateral Boosters – Quickly hover your HOVA up and down and weave through the traffic
  • Retro Antenna – Purely cosmetic items that were used cars long back in the 20th century.
  • Lights – There will 3-4 kinds of light available such as Neon, Pink, Yellow, and Red. These are the tail light that will leave a trail and for cosmetics.

Note: If you are facing any issue or bug while playing this game you can give your feedback to the developers in Discord.

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