Stranded Deep- Stone Deposit And Clay Location For Crafting

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is one of the best survival games which we would recommend playing if you are a fan of crafting and creating the best possible outcome of left alone. Being stuck in an island is not the worst-case scenario as there are multiple resources scattered in the environment which you can use it as a fundamental core for basic tools. These basic tools are necessary and act as a building block for collecting many difficult resources that cannot be found lying in the ground. In this guide, we have mentioned where you can find Clay and Stone Deposits to farm at the beginning when you are Stranded Deep.

Stone Deposit And Clay Location For Crafting In Stranded Deep

Clay is much more of a valuable resource due to its availability. Stones are common as it is found lying on the ground most of the time. Similarly, there are huge Stone Deposits which shows that they are Minable Resource. To mine, first, we need to craft is a tool that will help us to break and mine the resources from these huge Stone Deposits. The tool which we need is Refined Pick which can be viewed in the Crafting section. To craft Refined Pick, we will need:

  • 2 Stone Tools
  • 2 Leather
  • 1 Wood Stick

You can Quick Craft by holding down the C button on the keyboard and navigate the mouse to the tools which are needed to be crafted. After crafting Stone Tools and collecting Leather and Wood Stick, you have the tool which was needed to mine. Use Refined Axe on Stone Deposits and collect the resources that are dropped i.e. Rock in the land.

Stranded Deep

To collect clay, you will need to search for Stone Deposits underwater or in shallow water. You will notice it from the get-go as it is different from the rest of the other rock. It will be a little bit dark and brown in color which will make it distinctive. Make sure, you check the air i.e. stored in the lungs and more importantly Sharks to avoid dying in the water. We will start updating more valuable resources which are much harder to find in Stranded Deep, so keep on checking our posts for more.