Cloudpunk Which Survivors To Save From Quarantine? Pick 3 Survivors

CloudpunkDuring your job for Cloudpunk, you will have to visit a Quarantine Zone where there has been
a gas leak. In this job first, you need to visit the zone, talk to all the survivors and you have
to decide whom to the same among them.

Cloudpunk tells you can only pick 3 people to take them as passengers in your HOVA. Control will ask you to pick those who can afford their life insurance so basically rich CEO, but you have to liberty to choose any 3.

Cloudpunk Quarantine Zone Survivors

There will be a total of 6 survivors in the zone, you need to interact with all of them and listen to their stories. These survivors are:

  • GEE-N – Who works at a restaurant and always eager to help people
  • Quincy Sharpe – A Rich CEO with a lot of money.
  • Sergeant Kaim – A war veteran fighting and exterminating rats for 312 years.
  • Dr. Ochoa – As the name suggests she is a doctor who seems a nice lady but can’t afford the insurance.
  • Mrs. Octavius Butler – The only NPC I didn’t like in the game, and she is also kind of rude and look down on people who are less privileged.
  • Professor Elison – He is an old professor from whose lab the leak happened, he has rescue insurance and will make your job worthwhile for saving him

Pick 3 Survivors

After interacting with all these survivors, you need to decide which 3 survivors to pick. Each survivor will pay you a different amount of money for rescuing them. Your decision doesn’t matter much on which survivors you choose, just the interaction will change a bit.

I choose to save GEE-N, Quincy Sharpe, and Professor Elison. GEE-N, because he said if he ever gets out of the zone, he will help everyone he can and the rest two because they can pay their rescue insurance.

Quincy Sharpe will pay you 350$ for saving him, GEE-N will pay 50$ and Professor Elison 200$. Later at the end part of the game, I get a call from
Mr. Octavius Butler telling us that she misses Mrs. Butler and Raina feel sorry for not saving her.

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