Cloudpunk Ending Transmit Cora Offspring Or Overwrite Cora?


After doing numerous delivery throughout the night for Cloudpunk, at the end of the game you have to decide the fate of the city. While doing the delivery all over the city Nivalis, you might have heard about a lot of accidents taking place all over the city.

Note: Spoiler alert, if you are not in the last quest where you have to make a decision about Cora then below post might spoil the game for you. If you are in the last quest though, you can check our decision and make your own accordingly.

Cloudpunk Which Choice To Select Transmit or Overwrite?

Once you have taken the hard drive from Cora, you need to visit the highest tower in the spire and meet Jay-K. Thereafter interacting with her, you will get two options “Transmit Cora Offspring to another City” or “Over-write Cora”.

I choose the option to “Overwrite Cora” and save the city from the destruction and accidents. After choosing that option, Jay-K told me that ” I have chosen the wrong option and Euthanized our Goddess”.

Raina replies “Do you really think of her as Goddess” to which Jay-K says “Not a Goddess that created us but the one that arose from us, It was not our place to abort her”. She says ” She would have chosen the other choice but only time will tell if it was the right one”.

The accident that was happening all over the city of Nivalis has stopped. Raina goes back to her apartment and you will learn the real truth about who the Control actually was.

The night will end and you have survived with a heavy heart from losing some dearest friend you made throughout the night and lost. You will go to sleep, hoping to wake up the next day with a fresh start and a surprise will be waiting for you.

I hope you have enjoyed the game and don’t forget to collect all the collectibles scattered around the city of Nivalis. The collectibles sometimes activate a side quest and you will obtain steam achievements by completing them.

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