Cloudpunk Holocash Use, Codes & How To Get Them


Cloudpunk is an adventure game where you need to explore the city of Nivalis while working for a delivery company. You don’t get to ask what’s in the package and should always deliver them on time.

Well that’s the company motto but while delivering the package there is no timer and you can take your time delivering the package. While exploring the city you will come across an ATM-like box called “Holocash”.

Note: Spoilers Alert. If you haven’t received the codes in-game while doing quest and don’t want to know about these quests, do not scroll down.

In these boxes, you need to put a 5 digit code to access an account. While many players including us are wondering at the starting of the game what is the use of these machines and from where we can get the code? Below you will find few codes and from which quest you can obtain them.

Cloudpunk Holocash

1st Code

As I have mentioned above Holocash just works like an ATM machine and while delivering a package for the control, you will come across a weird quest where you need to deliver ration to moisture farmers.

There you need to follow the navigation point and will meet Retsu. He will ask you to deliver ration to three families and out of which one them will give you a code which is “1C652”.

I don’t know if these codes are different for each player or not. But once you use these codes, they will vanish from your inventory.

So make sure you take out all the money from the account or write the code in a piece of paper so that you can access it later. You will get around 600 lims from the account which is a lot at the beginning.

2nd Code

You will get the second code just after completing the above mission where you will get a call from Android Huxley. He will ask you to help him on a quest and will make your time worthwhile by paying.

So he will give you his bank account Holocash code which contains around 1500 lims. So make sure you take out all of them but if you remember the code, you can access the account later.

The code is “54244”. If I obtain more codes through side quests or by any other means I will make sure to update this post.

3rd & 4th code

This code you will get from Encrypted keycard which is a collectible in Central Meelo district. The keycard belongs to Mr. Spacula, CEO of Spacula Enterprise.

You will have two options either to use the code in the keycard or deliver the keycard to Mr. Spacula. I would suggest you deliver the keycard and then Mr. Spacula will reward you with another holocash code which contains more amount of money.

Note: After getting the new code, we tried the first code that was on the keycard and it wasn’t working. So I guess each player will get different codes and we will update more locations on where to find them.

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