Cloudpunk Deliver The Package To Metro Hub Or Drop Into Trash Chute

Cloudpunk is an adventure game developed by ION LANDS. You get to meet a variety of characters and know about their story while you explore the city of Nivalis.

In this game, you work for an illicit delivery company called Cloudpunk who just cares more about the company than just people’s lives. But you need to survive out there and remember two things, don’t miss the delivery and don’t ask what’s in the package.

While delivering for the Cloudpunk, you will come across your first choice which is to deliver the package or trash it.

Cloudpunk Make Delivery Or Trash It

In this quest, you will get a call from the control to pick up a package from “Cambria Heights”. Once you have picked up the package, head back to your HOVA.

After that your AI automation friends will tell you it hears a ticking noise from the box. From our judgment it could be an explosive and here you get your first choice.

After hearing the noise Raina will call the control to make sure what to do with the package. The control forces Raina to make the delivery but CAMUS suggests it to dump it.

I decided to dump the package into the trash chute as there had been lots of accidents happening all over Nivalis. Right after dumping the control asks “Is there anything you want to tell me about your last job” and Raina replies “No, nothing” and the control says “He is glad the job went okay”.

Well I thought the choices don’t matter and we won’t be penalized for trashing the package but after sometimes we get a call from AI Ava telling us that we got our first and final warning for delivery violation.

We don’t know will this choice will have any further complication in-game, but we will keep you updated with any future choices we get.