Drug Dealer Simulator- How To Use Your Own Drugs

Drug Dealer Simulator

In Drug Dealer Simulator, you met Eddie at the beginning who hinted that you can smoke and intake your own drugs. Though players are struggling and do not know how to consume your own drugs. This guide is particularly focused on consumption and all effects they have on your body.

How To Use Your Own Drugs In Drug Dealer Simulator

There are tons of drugs in your possession and if you are not consuming it intentionally to get work done and enjoy the view, then the game is plain. To intake drugs, all you need is to assign them in Quick Slot. The corresponding key for the Quick Slot i.e. assigned to you is 1, 2, 3, 4. Though, you will have to assign whenever you save your progress.

  • Marihuana- There is no effect if used once but consuming more than 3 or 4 times will affect your vision. The camera will sway left and right slowly.
  • Amphetamine- After consumption, your running speed and Field Of Vision will improve considerably for a longer duration. There is no OD effect except everything might seem too bright.
  • Ecstasy- After consumption, your Stamina will be depleted slowly and Field Of Vision will be improved considerably. Though your running speed will be slightly decreased which seems like your character more stealthy. Not sure about the stealth part as during Police Hour I was directly opposite to the Police which was separated by Fence. Though Police can detect through Fence as I was once checked beside Basketball or baseball court near your home but this time they didn’t notice me. If you OD Ecstacy, the vision will be blurred and the screen will sway slowly.
  • Crystal Meth- After consumption, your running speed and Field Of Vision will improve drastically but for a small amount of time. There is an OD effect, you will have supervision, super speed and everything might look distant and finally, it will seem that you are in trance. Without ODing, it is an excellent choice for speed delivery at night.
  • Heroin- After consumption of Heroin, your character Field Of Vision will be reduced drastically as the camera will be zoomed in after the first dose and the screen will start swaying slowly. Your character running speed will be slowed down. The OD effect will simply male your character vision unstable and you will be able to see farther distance magnifying-ly. For example- Abandoned Farm will be visible clearly from your window.
  • Fentanyl- Similar effect as Heroin but stronger version. If your character is ODed, then the vision will be so blur that it will be impossible to makeout. Your character will blackout and drop down on the floor making him impossible to function anymore for a long time.

It is quite fun to use your own Drug and deliver to the client simultaneously but the risk of getting caught is too high if you have consumed specific drugs such as Heroin and Fentanyl. Though Amp and Meth is a perfect substitute for outrunning and delivering drugs to your client fast. If you want to feel the new effects of it surging through your vein and eyes. For more guide on Drug Dealer Simulator, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description: