Fallout 76 Wastelanders Ways To Increase Reputation Reputation Faster

Fallout 76 Wastelanders

In Fallout 76 Wastelanders one of the major part of the game is farming reputation. Reputation can be farmed for both Raiders and Settlers. Once you have hit maximum reputation with a faction, you will
unlock various kinds of plans for weapons and armors from the faction NPC.

In this post of Fallout 76 Wastelanders, I will tell you some of the ways to gain a reputation for both the factions and some tips to farm them faster.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders How To Gain Reputation

The basic way to farm reputation is to complete through the main campaign, you can complete quest for both faction till you reach a certain point where you need to choose between one. You can check our faction reward list to help you choose which faction to join and where to find the rewards.

Faction Rewards & Which side to choose?

At the end of the final raid where you need to split the reward between two factions, you can either give all of them to one faction, split between both faction or keep all of it for yourself. If you keep the full reward for yourself you will 1000 gold bullion which will help you buy some legendry weapons and armors, but you will not gain reputation.

Some other ways to gain reputation is to complete your daily quests every day. When you reach the crater of or foundation, at the top right corner you will see that a daily is available. If it’s not showing for you guys, you can check the setting and turn on show daily option.

Tips For Farming reputation Faster

When the overseer gives you the photography quest, where you need to take pictures of foundation or crater. Do not bring the picture back to the overseer instead, give the picture to the opposite faction to gain that faction reputation.

After completing a faction quest at the end when you talk to them, make sure you select the option that you don’t need any rewards and you will gain the double reputation of that faction.

In the map there will be a place called Ohio River Adventures just above Ash heap where you can find a Raider NPC called Blackeye. Interact with her and give some Mirelurk products to gain the Raiders reputation.

Sometimes while wandering the wasteland, you will notice some yellow dotted markers on the map or you will encounter groups of NPC who will belong to Raiders or settlers faction. If they are being attacked, help them out by killing whoever attacking them and you will gain the reputation of that faction. With this trick, you can keep farming reputation as it doesn’t have a limit.

If you are focusing on only one faction while doing a quest like recruitment where you need to convince a raider who left crater to join the foundation and increase the Settler reputation. Similarly the settlers will give you a quest “Vital Equipment: where you need to find stolen equipment. Sometimes, the stolen equipment will be taken by the raiders thief, you can select the option “To pay me and tell your friends I can be trusted”. This way you will gain the Raiders reputation.

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