Drug Dealer Simulator- Mixing Drugs With Increase In Addiction/Toxicity

Drug Dealer Simulator

In Drug Dealer Simulator, you must be busy delivering and packing drug contents in the plastic. The foremost question arises as there is no data for which medicine or additives have better compatibility with each drug. Though the Drug Stats was provided by a Reddit user Sylekta through game files and shared it with the community. In this guide, we have mentioned all the list of Drugs and Medicines Toxicity, Strength, Mixstrengthening and Addictiveness.

Mixing Drugs With Increase In Addiction/Toxicity For Drug Dealer Simulator

There are various Drugs listed below that are arranged according to their Toxicity Level alone. Likewise, Strength, MixStrengthening, and Addictiveness for each product as well as ingredients are arranged in ascending order by referring the post on Reddit.


Toxicity Level

  • Marihuana- 0.5
  • Ecstasy- 3.5
  • Amphetamine- 4.0
  • Cocaine- 5.0
  • Crystal Meth- 5.5
  • Heroin- 6.0
  • Fentanyl- 18.0

Strength Level

  • Marihuana- 2.0
  • Ecstasy- 2.0
  • Amphetamine- 2.5
  • Crystal Meth- 3.0
  • Cocaine- 4.0
  • Heroin- 4.0
  • Fentanyl- 6.0

mixStrengthening Level

  • Marihuana- 1.0
  • Ecstasy- 1.3
  • Amphetamine- 1.6
  • Cocaine- 2.0
  • Crystal Meth- 2.4
  • Heroin- 3.0
  • Fentanyl- 3.0

Addictiveness Level

  • Marihuana- 0.8
  • Ecstasy- 1.3
  • Amphetamine- 1.7
  • Crystal Meth- 3.0
  • Cocaine- 3.0
  • Heroin- 4.5
  • Fentanyl- 9.0


Toxicity Level

  • Baking Soda- 0
  • Sugar- 1.3
  • Salt- 2.0
  • Viagra- 3.0
  • Washing Powder- 9.0
  • Ibuprofen- 12.0
  • Paracetamol- 12.0
  • Nebilanex- 15.0
  • Acetone- 25.0

Strength Level

  • Baking Soda- 0
  • Washing Powder- 0
  • Sugar- 0
  • Salt- 0.5
  • Ibuprofen- 2.0
  • Viagra- 2.0
  • Nebilanex- 2.0
  • Paracetamol- 3.0
  • Acetone- 4.0

mixStrengthening Level

  • Baking Soda- 0.9
  • Salt- 1.0
  • Sugar- 1.0
  • Washing Powder- 1.1
  • Ibuprofen- 1.25
  • Paracetamol- 1.3
  • Viagra- 1.6
  • Nebilanex- 2.0
  • Acetone- 3.0

Addictiveness Level

  • Baking Soda- 0
  • Washing Powder- 0
  • Salt- 0
  • Sugar- 0
  • Ibuprofen- 1.0
  • Acetone- 1.0
  • Nebilanex- 1.4
  • Paracetamol- 4.0
  • Viagra- 7.0

This data was contained in .pak file of Drug Dealer Simulator which was not revealed in-game and the devs want us to play through and correct ourselves by experimenting and going through trials and error without any hint. This data is quite useful which was provided by Sylekta and it makes sense why my first client was addicted to Amphetamine first compared to Marihuana at the beginning even with or without additives.

As the task provided at the beginning involved looking at and shopping additives against all the options provided in the shop. We didn’t know which to choose and the majority of the players including me have gone for Salt and Sugar first and rest all of the mixing additives/ingredients were lying on the workbench eventually with no motive.

Firstly, we can guess what Toxicity might do to our client. It is recommended to practice mixing up additives with lower Toxicity disregarding Additiveness. Why? because we want our client to order endlessly like a junkie than silencing him/her which have a negative impact on Income and Reputation.

Speaking of Strength and mixStrengthening, it might create a lot of confusion but these two are not at all identical in any possible ways. Strength can be explained as the effect of the product on the body whereas mixStrenghtening denotes the effect of the product on the body after initiating “Apply Mix” which will decrease the pure product’s effect naturally. For exampleSweetness of raw fruit against the sweetness of fruit mixed with water with no added sugar.

Finally, Additiveness is the number that determines the rate of the client being addicted to your drugs. It is useful at the beginning to let your client be addicted superfast with an increase in addictive number but then it will be wise to replace the addiction number with less toxicity. This works in my case as the addicted client doesn’t even care about the Quality Expectation, so mix your drugs with Sugar to let them live more enough for your profit.

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