Drug Dealer Simulator- How To Craft, Cut And Pack Crystal Meth

Drug Dealer Simulator

In Drug Dealer Simulator, you already know that increasing Level and gaining XP unlocks new drugs which can be sold and delivered to your client. It also increases the opportunity to unlock new additives and equipment which can be used to experiment and unlock the new mix of addictive drugs. Though there are few problems the new dealers are facing when there is a new piece of equipment and drugs involved. In this guide, we will explain how you can craft and cut Crystal Meth in your workpiece without working a sweat.

How To Craft And Cut Crystal Meth In Drug Dealer Simulator

First, we will mention essential equipment that will be required in the Meth crafting process. Second, you must know that this is a combination guide rather than a normal packaging guide. To pack, you will need a Jar and pack similarly to the Marihuana style to get crystal Meth packed according to its weight. The pieces of equipment that are required for crafting new mixture for Crystal Meth are listed below:

  • Mixing Tray
  • Jar
  • Small Substance Dryer
  • Lab Crystallizer
  • Simple Mortar Or Coffee Mill
  • Large Flask
  • Acetone Bottle
  • Required Drug (Meth)
Dried Meth Mixture

Once you have all these ingredients and equipment, you can proceed to craft Meth. To craft Meth, you will need to first Mill, crush or grind Meth from its crystalized form with the help of Simple Mortar or Coffee Mill. This will make your Meth into a powder which in turn can be added to Mixing Tray with Additives such as Sugar or Salt.

After mixing it up, your final Meth Mix product powder will be created which will go into the Large Flask with Acetone. Once the process is completed, you will need to solidify the mix and for that, you will need to dry the substance. Use Small Substance Dryer to recrystallize it back at the end. This process will let you lose some of the Meth mixtures.

Crystal Meth Mixture

To form a new crystal Meth Mixture, you will need to crush Meth on Simple Mortar. Then after the product is crushed, select the crushed Meth into Large Flask. Add Acetone into the Large Flask. After it has been mixed, you will need to select the Liquid mixture and add it to the Lab Crystalizer and start crystallizingThis process ensures that you do not lose any product and the precision is good.

Here, now you have learned how to cook Meth which will make your Rep grow and more products of Meth will be ordered by your clients. Satisfy and addict them by adding different types of Additives during the powdered process. For more guide on Drug Dealer Simulator, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description: