Drug Dealer Simulator Alternate Routes To Sector B Downtown, Joe Shop

Drug Dealer Simulator

In the Drug Dealer Simulator after progressing through the game, you will come across a quest to find an alternate route to Sector B.

There will be a lot of customers who will get addicted to your products and smuggling your products back and forth can be difficult so you need to find alternate routes.

In this post of Drug Dealer Simulator, you will find some of the alternate routes from where you can easily smuggle your products without being caught.

Drug Dealer Simulator Alternate Routes

Route 1

The first route can be found near Kennel Street, the one behind the police station and gas station. Check the image above for the reference.

There will be a sewer entrance from which you can visit the downtown area but you cannot carry your backpack through here.

Note: You cannot take your backpack through these sewers and can only carry a small amount of product in your pocket.Below you will find a tunnel from where you can smuggle the products with your backpack.

Route 2

The second route will be on the street in front of Government docks. There you will find a construction worker with whom you have to interact and pay an amount of 100$ and he will unlock the tunnel.

You will also find one more construction worker on the other side and to return back you need to pay again 100$. By using this route, you will reach “Joe’s Shop” and “Night Club“.

Route 3

This route will also be a sewer located on the right side street of East Oldtown. Check the image above for the reference and by using this sewer you will come out on the street between East Deadtown and Cemetery.

Note: Not all the sewers will take you to Sector B, till now we have managed to find these routes and will keep updating this post once we find more.

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